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Veteran Owned Small Business

Sustaining Execution Management Competencies

“If you don't drive your business, you will be driven out of business.”
                                 - B. C. Forbes
Sustaining your competency need not be difficult, but it does require following a few rules:

Stakeholders:  Client, suppliers, management must remain engaged.

Execution Processes:  The use of the processes need to be enforced on a routine basis.  Leaders must require their use.  The processes should be reevaluated and updated on a regular basis.

Oversight: While the Execution Management process provides oversight of the state of your strategy initiatives implementation, it is imperative the organization maintain oversight of the process itself.  

Communications:  The SEM processes and procedures need to be re-communicated to the entire team on a regular basis.  A common time to send out the communication is when the new annual strategy is being rolled out to the organization.  This sends a message the SEM methodology is still in force and will yield great results as it has in past years.

Simple to Administer:  An unending focus must be maintained to keep everything as simple as possible.

Training:  All new team members must be trained ASAP.

Lessons Learned, Feedback loops:  Develop an approach to collect lessons learned and feed these lessons back to step 2 above.

SEM Experts:  Populate a number of SEM experts throughout the organization, at least one in each department to ensure consistent application.  Hold quarterly meetings to discuss issues, new ideas, etc.