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There is a common belief held strongly by smart managers that once a decision is made nothing more need be done.  Stated this way, it becomes obvious that this is a rather ludicrous statement.  Decisions don’t take the place of action.  To end this, a cultural shift towards action must take place.  Our velocity execution approach provides for:

Increasing Velocity -  Velocity is the rate of organizational change.  

Initiative throughput - how fast you can reach your goals.

Identification and removal of roadblocks to velocity

Business Process Roll-out - supporting velocity execution
For those companies that have a more complex set of strategies to implement but would like additional support.  

Ideally this is based on Keynelink as the basis in reporting and management, but we can support an in house solution, to provide Strategy Execution Officers, SEO administrative support, program and project managers to close your gaps.  

Management of programs, projects, process development, training in new execution management procedures some of the elements that we can provide.
Project management is a key competency required by everyone as foundational to execution management.  Project management services include:

Basic and advanced training

Supplemental program/project managers

Project Management consulting

PM process development and integration

PMP training course
Project Management Assessments:

PMI based individual assessment (Project Management Institute)

ASAPM National Competence Baseline  (American Society for the Advancement of Project Management)  (organizational assessment)

Strategy Execution

Strategy Execution Management Competency (organizational assessment only)
Velocity Consulting Strategy Execution Office Project Management Assessment