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John Greer is an adjunct instructor at Schoolcraft College teaching Project Management courses.

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Organizational growth and development is based on establishing a supporting business culture through creating and implementing a set of processes, procedures and behaviors designed to create a hyper-performing organization.  But visible support by leadership is required for it to stick.

Sustaining Competencies



Welcome to Strategy Deployment Partners

Embedding Strategy Execution Management Competencies  into organizations is our specialty.   We bring a proven track record of program, project and strategic management to enable any organization to improve.   

Add velocity execution management competencies into your organization.  SEM is key to a solid foundation for organizations today.

Velocity Execution
Velocity Consulting

Improve transparency of strategic plans throughout the corporation.  Knowing the status of strategic goals has value, what is it worth to you?

Strategy Execution Office
Strategy Execution Office

Are your teams struggling to manage a project or juggling many projects?  We work with your team members to increase performance.

Project Management
Project Management

Setting Goals

Studies show organizations which have set goals significantly out earn non-goal setting organizations.  In fact in one study published in the Harvard Business Review, indicated that companies with a well defined and well articulated strategy outperformed other companies by over 900% vs. 60% during a 10 year period.  So how is it that goal setting creates such a dramatic improvement?

Your Path Forward

We use the blank signpost as a symbol indicating our willingness to listen to you before we map your goals, path and direction.  There is no pat solution, no one size fits all, and we don’t presume to have a preconceived answer.  We listen to you.  “What is your vision?  Your mission? What is your burning desire to achieve?  We bring the missing skills to your problem.

Gap assessments to provide leaders action plans to improve execution of project or strategy execution management.


Bad strategy can be worse than no strategy.  A bad strategy can at best demoralize your employees and at worst sink a company eventually putting it into receivership or being sold.

Bad Strategy


You have spent days and weeks developing your strategic plan for the year.  You chose the right words and have created a powerful vision that everyone can support. Now the next step, is strategic planning held closely at the senior levels?  How do employees bring brilliant ideas to the table?  Do you have a process to integrate the innovative ideas or do they get shot down?

Planning is an involved event.  It not only requires understanding where the organization is today and what is desired in the future, it also requires the correct execution of a series of correct initiatives. The entire team will be required for success.  Your organization can become one of the best! What do the best organizations have in common?

Are your employees playing not to loose?  

Or playing to win?”

What is Strategy Execution Management?

Strategy Execution Management is the process of clarifying, deploying and achieving organizational initiatives.  Execution Management requires two key components:

    1.  Actionable intelligence on initiatives.  The initiatives have to be clear, relevant and understood throughout the organization.  We tend to write these statements in “corporate speak” and they lose their meaning as

Communication is essential in running and executing projects, programs, and strategic plans.  Organizations need to assess how fluid the communication is both laterally and


Today, only half of employees understand how their actions relate to company goals.  Over 40% feel their compensation is not adequately tied to job performance, and

Employees marching in circles?